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Wilderness Desk

The Wilderness Desk is the hub for all things natural at UC Merced. Located in the Student Activities and Athletics Center, we maintain a visible presence for the campus community. With educational materials, maps, books and knowledgeable staff, the Wilderness Desk is perfectly poised to serve the community.

Our staff members pull double duty as both UC Merced students and National Park Rangers. Ranger experiences run the gamut from search and rescue training to interpretation, and our staff members bring unique professional and personal perspectives to the campus. By working together, we are establishing roots at UC Merced and its surrounding communities.

We connect the people of the California's San Joaquin Valley to the natural and anthropological history of the region and promote ethical wilderness experiences. Through outreach to local high schools, trip planning for college students, backcountry guiding and attendance at community events, we inspire stewardship of our world-class natural resources.