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Developing Tomorrow's Environmental Leaders Today
California State Parks Foundation supports outdoor leadership during COVID 19
YLP Application | Due Wednesday, September 7th 11:59pm
“The most valuable components to me are the sense of community and individual  leadership development which I have gained. YLP has given me a community I feel close to and safe with....
A Leadership Lifestyle Program
Explore your future journey with the Yosemite Leadership Program.
YLP Summer Internship
Internship experience expanding for summer 2023  
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We Believe

We believe our world needs intentional, value driven leadership and citizenship.  

We believe Earth is at a pivotal moment in time where our decisions as individuals within society will drastically impact life for the positive or the negative.  

We believe you are capable of incredible impact and transformation.

We believe you are our future.

Our Vision

The Yosemite Leadership Program (YLP) strives to be the premier student environmental leadership program in the nation. The YLP will foster synergy among government, business, and academia to develop tomorrow’s thoughtful, ethical, and innovative leaders.

Our Mission

YLP is leadership development that educates and inspires environmental advocacy and social change through skilled, ethical, innovative and intentional action while respecting cultural heritage and community.

YLP 2022-23

Yosemite Leadership Program is developing powerful and engaging experiences for the coming year.  The opportunity to adventure, to challenge ourselves, to grow, and to build a tight-knit community are all important to us.  This year's participants will have one of the most unique outdoor engagement, community service, and professional development experiences available at UC Merced.  We are leveraging a broad professional network of leaders and speakers from a variety of backgrounds, and the passion of each student participant to create a powerful experience that will give students an important edge in their career and personal goals.

To access the 2022 application, please visit our apply page. Applications are due Wednesday, September 7th, 11:59pm. 

To learn more about the programs offered this fall, please visit our programs page.

For other leadership opportunities and leader-development programs, visit the Margo F. Souza Leadership Center site.